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About STB Agency

Mr. Thanawat Ammaramorn


STB Agency was founded by Thanawat Ammaramorn in 2008.  Although STB Agency is still a young company but Thanawat is a veteran in Agriculture.

Thanawat also known as “Joe” was born in a working class family Uttraradit province. He grew up in the rice fields helping his mother growing rice & chili for a living,  got his first practice of Mango when his grandfather persuaded them to convert from rice to mango.

Joe left the agriculture business to learn engineering but in the end could deny his root and came back to help his mother’s mango farm doing off season mangos which was a success. So Joe decided to get an education in agriculture, he finally got is degree from Maejo University.

His career was filled with various experience with grapes, tangerines along eggplants with various companies. Joe last and most name making was when he joined Changkao Farm, where he served for almost 10 years as the farm manager responsible for Chili and Tangerine.

Joe finally decided to start his own company in the name of Siam Agro trading and Maejo.com but because doing too many products. The company lost focus and direction. After Finally he establish STB Agency specialize in Chili and Mangos.