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  • Exporting Thai Mangos Namdokmai to Korea

    Posted on มิถุนายน 3, 2010 by in Blog, Mango magazine
    Thailand Namdokmai Mangos is one of the most beloved Mangos in the world.
    A elegant combination of Golden skins and soft sweet yellow meat. Irresistible for anyone to not ask for more after the first bite. The Koreans are in no excuse.Thailand have been exporting Mangos to Korea for quite some time now. As usual the Korean normally follow Japans foots step as so for the Mangos. Thai exporters also need to process the Mangos with a Vapor Heat Treatment (VHT for short) as same as Japan.VHT is a treatment designed to kill the dangerous insects eggs. These eggs are normally inserted into the fruit during a very young phase by the mother bugs. They will only grow and come out when the fruits is soften during ripeness. So these bugs are very feared by island countries such as Japan and Korea.Hear is a good website about VHT, its the VHT machine manufacture.
    http://vaporheattreatment.com/O.K lets get to the point. We had a shipment of mangos to Korea during recent weeks.
    On the 2nd shipment I decided to take my team to see the VHT facility and process.

    We went there on early morning with arriving along with our mangos.
    The 1st step is to transfer the mangos from normal baskets to the customize basket for the VHT machine.

    From VHT Korea 18 NOV 2010

    These are the special customize baskets.

    From VHT Korea 18 NOV 2010

    The Namdokmai Mangos are placed inside.

    From VHT Korea 18 NOV 2010

    The Koreans love the big size. These mangos are haft a Kilogram

    Then it goes into the VHT Machine. The Facility doesn’t allow any pictures taking so please look in the link above.

    After 4 hours of VHT the fruits come out and is rested to cool down for 1 night.

    The next day the packing begins.

    From VHT Korea 18 NOV 2010

    The Namdokmai mangos are carefully placed in a foam net.

    From VHT Korea 18 NOV 2010

    Then putted into the box.

    From VHT Korea 18 NOV 2010

    The box have to be sealed with a Treated-PQ-DOA-Thailand stands for Treated Plant Quarantine Department for Agriculture Thailand.

    Then the goods are ready for export.


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